On October 2014 Joseph Schwartz 38 was fully engaged in preparations of the high holidays when an accident unfortunately hit him disabling him from his job. In the year following he underwent couple surgeries and was home bound recuperating from his injury.
Joseph was not gonna waste precious time and ambitiously was going to turn the unfortunate into a fortunate story.

He searched for a non-existing product to enhance America with something they haven’t yet experienced.
he found that high end artisanal chocolates made from fresh ingredients is literally un available to the consumer in an affordable pricing .

Stepping forward his was gonna provide mind blowing flavors to greatly excite and stimulate the taste buds like one has never experienced before. using out of the box ingredients and techniques. While still in cast in the comfort of home with help of his devoted wife and family of five, he studied practiced and then successfully launched the cocoart artisan chocolate business.

In the few years that this family owned business opened CocoArt already won the gold seal of the top gourmet chocolate at the kosher fest B2B show and pitched the press for the Golden Ticket award at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York.

CocoArt Chocolate is the highest end artisan chocolate, superb in essence of flavors. Artistically created handmade, with the silkiest texture & rich aroma, CocoArt’s aesthetically appealing chocolates are the epitome of art!
CocoArt is makes premium chocolates and finest kosher chocolates in the United States and based in Monroe, New York. We have a physical store in Monroe as well as an online store where you can order the most delicious kosher chocolates.