Milk And Honey Truffle


Milk And Honey Chocolate Truffle Box.

Perfect for a Sweet New Year ! Relax over our dark chocolate shell filled with luscious silk soft Swiss milk chocolate ganache layered with a tip of natural honey to excite your palate and leave an everlasting sweet imprint nourishing the heart and soul.. CocoArt Chocolate is a feast for the senses with its rich flavors. place your order today

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Perfect for a Sweet New Year !

Relax over our dark chocolate shell filled with luscious silk soft Swiss milk chocolate ganache layered with a tip of natural honey to excite your palate and leave an everlasting sweet imprint nourishing the heart and soul..

At CocoArt Chocolate, We only use top premium ingredients for our chocolate truffles and we pay a lot of attention for a fresh sweet-experience.

We take our influences and inspiration from all over the world so we can create and develop only finest quality chocolates, the one that will make you feel the highest end artisan gourmet chocolates and their fine flavors.

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Milk and Honey Chocolate Truffle box can be an ideal gift for any occassion

  • This is a great gift idea for any special occasion: birthday parties, bridal parties or just a sweet attention for your beloved one.
  • Each set contains 12 pieces of lime chocolate truffles, made with the finest cocoa and using a special chocolate truffle recipe;
  • Delicious creamy and velvety chocolates;
  • Fresh and delicate taste so you can fully enjoy an intense experience;
  • Our chocolate truffles are made in the USA.

About CocoArt Artisan Chocolates

We put a lot of passion in making chocolates. Convince yourself and order your premium chocolate truffles NOW!


Milk and honey on the skyscraper


In the green Wednesday, a fact not a history fiction, I get in middle of the day a phone call from an unknown number, but a good feeling tells me it means business.

I’m picking up, on the other side it’s hears like in a good mood.

what is? Here we talk from company ABC…, “you called a couple months ago…”.

Whaaaaaat? a nice story. I called that company, and big wholesale supply in from hundreds of products asking them if they can take over is sitting overstock from mine from my client. I knew before that is not as such a good product, but It doesn’t Harm to ask, they told us the boss is not here now, and they will call me back.

Everybody is busy and over-busy, almost to get dizzy and like normal went down from the table and was forgotten.

That’s what I thought.

Three months later, as of what I remember, I looked it over, so talking and writing, It was long before April the 10th, three days before Passover, of course it was down from the table, was so hectic then after a week with closed.

Okay now, over 4 months later, Calls me the boss from that known firm, who’s trucks at all over, crossing the highways, is the sample from a real big supply company in the blooming industrial supply, and tells me, he wants to ask me why he can help me, from that phone message.

I told him shortly from what we are talking, he tells me with a smile, which pretty-fast went through the wireless mileage long connections from his office to my table, and he gave me a fine positive mood here in the office, that, still he does not sell that product, but he hopes soon to supply that product.

Good. Good?  that’s what I thought!

Actually, after putting down the phone I thought to myself, that means a good businessman, “so it grows a business”. if you really want you can still find a half negative strike in this episode, why it took so long to respond, but his positive mood really give the tone of the talk, and that feeling that he it was responsible to pay you back so long, blow away any negativity that I felt, I wish I would have an order which I can order now by him.

And when a business executive inspires “that” feeling, that “I must order by him” you get a feeling that he is nice to deal with, businesses giving millions of dollars to achieve that, and here it went with just one phone call.

Also, it showed subconsciously that the man is straight forward with his priorities, first there’s other things today to do, the other things can wait until tomorrow, or a month when it comes he has an empty minute until Wednesday afternoon then you do you that, but this person is mentally healthy to have a business in a successful way.

What does it bring me to the chocolates on the skyscrapers?

“Networking is a strong word in business” it has a lot of forms, but always is the investment with the same target, to give a good hearty feeling for others, that to do business with me is not only good for dry numbers and facts, bought it has also a good taste, emotional “a connection” like we say.

When a business is planting such feelings by potential customers, they get very quick active clients, and the competition must work very hard, just to come up with an idea how to work on such clients, and as long the good feeling keeps on, you stand very good.

That’s why there is so much conventions in the corporate world.

In New York City for example, it’s very popular to have a corporate party top of the building, has is certain atmosphere, which you cannot get in the building which have four walls, the bigger the business the bigger the top must be, for such business activities, so it gets that premium atmosphere.

By one of such rooftop Get-together, Under the Umbrella brand from A World known luxurious, Luxurious is nothing said, Golden hotel center, in New York, New York. so, the people, all of them with minimum yearly earnings of 7 Numbers, ware standing in the roe for a piece of chocolate, like it would be Pieces of gold.

Did you see your already a “meat stand” where red lights on a glorious Parkway presenting the richest slices a broiled meat?

Or a wine tasting event, from the biggest wine professionals on the earth, to get in there you have to know all the Latin words on the bottle, from the time of Napoleon it goes about $800 on auction?

Such a chocolate stand was there, in middle of the roof-top, and the people, hi business executives were standing patiently, and it all and waited, after the event planners let them know how hard it was, to bring that “chocolate and gold” firm from Monroe New York to present pieces from the half-moon chocolate on the roof of the Manhattan skyscraper .

The organizes of the event didn’t let then off, knowing rightfully, that the chocolate on the rooftop will pick up the people to a higher atmosphere and the investment, will have paid out and million times.

Now can chocolate be so good?

Only if its CocoArt Chocolate!


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Joseph Stern
Joseph Stern
22:14 27 Dec 17
best chocolate taste on the world real real chocolate taste not sugar taste
Leiby Gluck
Leiby Gluck
19:38 07 Mar 18
The Best of The Best
rayim family
rayim family
20:36 11 Aug 16
chocolate! ever since tasting cocoa art's chocolate no other chocolate can subside my chocolate craving,. your amazing service coupled with the original packaging it surely lives up to its name, A REAL COCOA ART! The Rayim Family.
Avigdor Breuer
Avigdor Breuer
05:07 04 Mar 16
The Best Chocolate can taste :-)
lebedig freilech
lebedig freilech
01:14 23 Nov 16
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