Raspberry Chocolate Truffle


Raspberry chocolate Truffle Box.

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Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Real raspberry flavored chocolates. Send your love to your loved ones in the form of chocolates that are made with passion and lots of love in New York.

Grab a box of Raspberry chocolate truffles for just $55 and we bet you want more.

We, at CocoArt Art Chocolate in New York, are always working to offer you the most delicate taste of fine chocolate truffles.

Our finest Raspberry Chocolate Truffle recipe is the one which will take you in the land of sweets, the land where you can forget about those bad chocolate tastes and explore the best raspberry flavored chocolates.

The Raspberry Chocolate Truffles are detoxifying and a tasty option for those looking for true ripe soft raspberries.

This is a perfect mix of the finest white chocolate ganache, en-robed in a delicate white chocolate shell.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle to celebrate the special moments in life everyday

  • Freshness of most best raspberry flavor are locked in chocolate truffles.
  • Using only quality ingredients, the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle will be the flavor to remember for weeks.
  • We deliver chocolate truffles in a beautiful chocolate box and this might be a great gift idea for the ones you love.

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Unique Flavor at a great price!
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Joseph Stern
Joseph Stern
22:14 27 Dec 17
best chocolate taste on the world real real chocolate taste not sugar taste
Leiby Gluck
Leiby Gluck
19:38 07 Mar 18
The Best of The Best
rayim family
rayim family
20:36 11 Aug 16
chocolate! ever since tasting cocoa art's chocolate no other chocolate can subside my chocolate craving,. your amazing service coupled with the original packaging it surely lives up to its name, A REAL COCOA ART! The Rayim Family.
Avigdor Breuer
Avigdor Breuer
05:07 04 Mar 16
The Best Chocolate can taste :-)
lebedig freilech
lebedig freilech
01:14 23 Nov 16
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